Liposuction: Not A Weight Loss Method

Liposuction is definitely utilized as a body contouring technique to remove pockets of unnecessary fat. As a liposuction surgeon in Los Angeles, I provide various techniques of liposuction which may be utilized to assist suction fat like the tumescent, power assisted, and also ultrasound assisted methods, to name just a few. While this particular body contouring technique is suitable for small scale fat removal, especially in places like the abdomen, back, love handles and thighs, it’s crucial for men and females to realize that liposuction shouldn’t be regarded as a replacement for consuming a nutritious diet and following an active lifestyle.

What Liposuction Can and Can’t Do Liposuction is ideal for removing little pockets of fat which remain resistant to exercise and diet, and it’s crucial that you be aware this procedure shouldn’t be looked at for large scale fat removal. As a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, often known as the splendor capital of the nation, I often have consultations with persons who would like to contour and shape the bodies of theirs to look much more toned & lean which wavelengths are low enough, strong enough and safe enough. This’s a flawlessly legitimate reason to become considering liposuction.

While liposuction is able to offer amazing body contouring outcomes, it’s not really a cellulite removal technique, and in a number of instances overall skin tone may seem relatively decreased after a liposuction procedure, especially if an individual has under optimum skin tone or even somewhat loose skin in the first place. If skin tone is a certain concern for you, speak with the doctor of yours about choices for cellulite therapy, for example SmoothShapes┬«, and also skin tightening, including Thermage┬«.

For probably the most part liposuction is a lasting alternative for fat removal. The fat cells which are suctioned won’t increase in number, though they are able to increase in size. People who have had a liposuction therapy must attempt to keep the weight of theirs in time of surgery even with the procedure of theirs to make sure that the outcomes stay for numerous years.

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